Jane's Quilting Scrapbook

By Jane Hopson McClure

Welcome to my quilts website.  If you're looking for museum quality quilts or state fair prize winning quilts or art quilts, you're in the wrong place.  This has been my hobby for five years, and I do it for the fun of it.  I make mostly baby and children's quilts and give nearly all of them away.  I give them to special people in my life or their children and grandchildren, and to organizations that provide quilts for children in need or for wounded veterans.  

My philosophy about quilts is that they are for comfort and, in the case of children's quilts, even for entertainment.  Whether the points are perfect is of no concern to them, and I don't let it worry me too much.

When I give away a quilt, I usually ask for a picture of the child with the quilt, so some of those photos are included here.

 As always, thanks to my husband Mac whose computer expertise and patience make this website possible.

Index of Gift Quilts

If you have a quilt made by me, find it quickly by clicking your name in the Table below.

Aaron Blake Brianna 3  Isabella Hope   Kelsey 2 Margaret Reid Terri
Addison Braden Bryce Jaxen Kiarra Mason  Riley  
Alexa Brandon Carole Jennie 1  Layne McKenzie Riven  
Alyssa Brayden Corinne  Jennie 2  Laura Michelle Ryan
Angie 1  Brennen Fallon Kaiden   Lauren G.  Pat 1 Rylie  
 Angie 2 Breyan Grayson Kaitlyn Lauren M. Pat 2 Tanner 1  
Barb Brianna 1 Hal & Jenette Kayleigh Lauren T. Phoebe Tanner 2  
Betty Brianna 2 Harrison Kelsey 1 Marilyn Nicholas Tatum  


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